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CREATE(ing) A Celebration Worth Remembering

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019. Style Groovaz Crew members from Alpha and Genesis Groovaz spontaneously celebrating the finale of Republic Polytechnic’s Open House 2019. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: JEREMY LEOW)

CREATE is a club that compromises of 25 Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) or as we call it, Interest Groups (IG), that share a common love for the Arts in Republic Polytechnic (RP). Through welcoming students from all walks of life, CREATE has the power of bringing people of different attributes and qualities together.

While many may question if it is a necessity to have a background in the arts, CREATE welcomes first-timers and all who are willing to learn the varying art forms that RP offers. Some of which are Capoeira, a Brazilian Martial Arts that incorporates dancing, Beats Encore, a percussion ensemble and Pentas Karyawan, a theatrical Malay Drama Group.

If you are a part of the #OneCREATE family, you will be able to make meaningful connections with students from other schools. Through their varied experiences, students in CREATE are able to bring forth their diverse perspectives and their outlook on life. More importantly, they can share their art form and craft with others who are passionate about the arts.

For the very first time, RP will be having their Open House on a virtual space. Happening from 7 to 9 January 2021, you are guaranteed to form a better understanding of the IGs in CREATE as you witness the versatility portrayed by students who are from the #OneCREATE family.

“My friend Raychee, she is from the School of Technology for the Arts (STA). She has a different [way of] thinking from me and I learn a lot from her in dance, which is what I do,” said 17-year-old, Muhammad Rayyan B Rozaini.

“School of Engineering (SEG) students do a lot of systematic thinking and don’t really go outside of the box because there’s always a formula to follow,” continued the Aerospace Engineering student as he compared the different ways of thinking between an STA and SEG student.

With #RPOH21, you will get a glimpse of how RP has taught values that have shaped their students to be well-rounded individuals.

19-year-old, Anthea Leow Wan Yi, shared that being in CREATE has provided her with an opportunity to grow and learn from different people as well as mingling with those outside her course.

With RP’s vibrant student life culture, you will further understand the importance that RP places on nurturing the talents of students. Additionally, RP believes in fostering good relationships and developing a sense of involvement in the community.

“I think that CREATE really helped me expand my social circle because I kind of created more friendships. Each and every person that I’ve met in CREATE are very different. It [has] kind of made me into a better person as everyone has different viewpoints that I am able to learn from,” commented the Design for User Experience student.

Similar to the experiences shared by our crew mates, we wish for you to better understand what we do in SGC, and as CREATE! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us for our Instagram Live Takeover on 5th January 2021 from 6:10 p.m. to 6:20 p.m. via @rp_trcc! Along with a zestful performance by SGC, we will also be sharing with you insights on SGC and the entire #OneCREATE family! See you there!

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