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The Rise of Atreus Groovaz

After months of tireless training, and constant dedication into perfecting their items, Style Groovaz Crew (SGC) is proud to welcome the newest batch of the crew, Atreus Groovaz!

As Atlas Groovaz passes down the roles and responsibilities to the 16th batch of SGC, we would indeed like to wish them the best of luck! While SGC may solely seem like a Dance Interest Group (IG) in Republic Polytechnic, we are more than just that. Here at SGC, we cultivate values such as resilience, confidence, and leadership into the members.

Not only have Atreus Groovaz honed their craft given the constant guidance from their Atlas Dance Captains, but have also mastered leadership skills that are guaranteed to last them for a lifetime. Speaking of leadership, we had the opportunity to have an interview with Erna, former President of SGC!

“Many times, I felt overwhelmed, and stressed. However, my main motivation were my friends, and the members I had to take care of in SGC. They served as my main motivation to push on till the end!” shared Erna who looked back on her time in the SGC committee.


While Erna and her committee’s journey was worthwhile, they are excited to see how the newest committee goes about their responsibilities!

“I hope for the running batch to come up with new collaborations with other CREATE IGs, and other crews in the tertiary scene. Most importantly, I hope for them to continuously find purpose in all that they do for the crew, while spreading love to the incoming batch,” expressed Erna, who shares her final wish before taking her leave as President of SGC.

Along with Marisa, the newly appointed President of SGC, the committee is now more than ever, ready to tackle all challenges that come their way!


"Being in the 16th batch, I honestly feel that there is a lot to live up to given all that the alumni and seniors have done to bring SGC to where it is now. I hope to inspire and instill change in the mindsets of my batch, and upcoming batches, in terms of the way everyone supports, and respects one another in and outside of training,” shared Marisa who is excited to carry forth SGC’s legacy.

With the resumption of Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker, many of the on-campus trainings, and line-up of events had to be put on hold. However, the new committee is ready to make the best out of the virtual space.

Similarly, when the pandemic hit us all in 2020, SGC was quick to adapt to heightened measures. Many of the productions such as the National Day Observance Ceremony, and Reflections Arts Festival (RAF) were shifted online. Adapting to the changes, Fitri describes her experience working with Zaini for the RAF Closing Bash.

“It was the first performance opportunity I received as a freshman. It was definitely pressurizing to work under Zaini. I did not want to mess up the item, especially given that I was dancing with the different CREATE IGs. Zaini works fast and when everything went online, I had to pay more attention to the camera movements, transitions, and formations,” reflected Fitri as she reminisced the rewarding experiences she received as a freshman.


Just like Fitri, the virtual space is nothing new to members of Atreus Groovaz. The batch has since resumed their Hip Hop and B-Boy trainings via ZOOM, as they strive to master their basics and foundations. As we welcome the freshmen batch who made it through to the auditions, Atreus Groovaz is stoked to bring SGC to greater heights.

Some even expressed how much they truly enjoyed their #RoadToEmergence, and cannot wait for the freshmen to experience this enriching, and memorable experience too!

“The Emergence journey taught me to be resilient, responsible, and receptive to changes. It allowed me to cultivate the ‘One for All, All for One’ mentality. When my batch made mistakes, we had to face the consequences as one,” shared Farisha, who expressed her positive sentiments towards her journey as a freshman.


Atlas Groovaz feels ecstatic to be able to witness the growth in each and every one of the members from the 16th batch. Former Atlas Dance Captain, Atifah, cannot believe just how much they have grown from when they first began.

“I definitely feel very proud of the 16th batch. Given the pandemic, it was surely not easy for them. With all the uncertainties, the batch still overcame all the obstacles that came by,” exclaimed Atifah, who felt inspired by the strength portrayed in each of the members of Atreus Groovaz.


She recalls her first ever face-to-face interaction in The Republic Cultural Centre’s (TRCC) Dance Studio. From teaching them during open classes, to grooming them during Emergence Finale practices, the Atlas Dance Captains have spent the most time with the batch! They are all incredibly proud to see the growth and maturity of Atreus Groovaz.


As they embark on a new journey as members of SGC, Atreus Groovaz envisions themselves as fearless individuals, ready to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. They are determined to push themselves to their fullest potential!

With that, do check out Emergence 2020 on SGC's Youtube Channel as we welcome Atreus Groovaz to the SGC family!

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