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Exploring the World of SGC

“One Crew, One Love” - With over 17 years of rich history, this Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), also known as Interest Group (IG) in Republic Polytechnic (RP), continuously provides its members with a platform that unfolds new chapters in their lives.

Formerly known as Style Methodz Crew, we gradually shifted from purely focusing on Breaking, to eventually pursuing Hip Hop as one of our core genres. Over the years, Style Groovaz Crew, commonly known as SGC, has evolved into a crew that provides our members with exposure to an array of dance genres.

In 2019, we celebrated our 15th anniversary with a Dance Production, IDENTITY. The production brought all fifteen batches of the crew together, as it aimed to celebrate the evolution of Hip Hop. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: PHOTO REPUBLIC)

With a current total of 17 batches, the crew has had many astounding individuals who have made their name known to the dance scene. Interested to meet them?

First up, we have our alumni, Lutfil! Formerly the Hip Hop Dance Captain of Avatar Groovaz, Lutfil, is recognized for his crazy visuals and musicality! His artistic persona brought SGC to victory as we won first place in the Super 24 Tertiary Category in 2017 - a national dance showcase competition.

Not only did his involvement in SGC allow the crew to reach greater heights, but it also provided him with a stepping stone to venture out into the dance scene. In 2018, Lutfil, along with his friend, Fendi from West Styles District, decided to form a crew on their own. It was when Stoney Brothers was born!

Lutfil (center) and members of Stoney Brothers competing at RPresenting to the Fullest 12, an All Styles Dance Competition organized by SGC, where they achieved their very first championship title as a crew. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: PHOTO REPUBLIC)

With the aim to explore his creativity, Lutfil brought Stoney Brothers to the World Supremacy Battlegrounds Singapore stage, Body Rock Asia, and Super 24.

Representing Singapore, Stoney Brothers competed against 18 crews from all around Asia in the Body Rock Dance Competition 2020, that took place in the Philippines. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: OFFICIAL BODYROCK ASIA INSTAGRAM)

While you may find joy in freestyling or choreographing, the experiences you gain in SGC are guaranteed to provide you with the confidence to excel in the dance scene! Lutfil never feared the odds. Instead, he braved them.

Our next alumni is a determined individual who brought Litefeet to the hearts of our sunny island. Member of Groovaz X, Aryll Azlin, or as we like to address him, Abang Aryll, is the founder of the first ever Litefeet team in Singapore, Litefeet SG.

Interestingly, it all began when he choreographed a Litefeet routine for SGC when we competed in the Super 24 Tertiary Category in 2018. Subsequently, his initiatives to provide local dancers with the understanding of Litefeet, and its techniques grew.

Abang Aryll ensuring the formations for his choreographed Litefeet piece for Resurgence 2020 are clean and precise. He believes that SGC paved the way for him to discover his purpose in dance - to educate the future generations of dancers.(PHOTO COURTESY OF: DANZ PEOPLE)

From President of SGC, to now, a dance instructor and mentor at O School and Danz People, Abang Aryll continues to uphold the values that he had learnt while in SGC. In fact, he is grateful for the takeaways gained from his time spent in The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC).

While Abang Aryll found his purpose in dance, our next alumni, kickstarted her dance journey when she began her tertiary education. Emerging as a member of Mayhem Groovaz, Shame, began exposing herself to the world of dance!

“Being in SGC taught me how reality is harsh, and you have to learn to take it in. You have to continue working and hustling and we always hear this every time, just suck thumb, and do it,” she stated.

Shame’s years spent in SGC allowed her to cultivate values such as determination, and hard work. They even came in handy with her recent involvement in Resurgence 2020 - a student video production by Danz People.

Shame (bottom right) taking a group photo together with her team and choreographer, Kayte Willis, during the Resurgence 2020 filming. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: DANZ PEOPLE)

Now a member of Willis Hood, Shame is encouraged to accomplish greater milestones, and be the performer that she hopes to be one day! While Shame started off with minimal dance experience, she was bold and ready to go the extra mile to improve herself! Likewise, you too, can ignite that fire from within, and join our family! It is never too late to begin your dance journey!

As SGC hopes to provide you with opportunities to grow as a dancer, we also aim to shape you to be a better individual! Amaliya from Genesis Groovaz is certain that her time in SGC has prepared her for adulthood. As the former Secretary of her batch’s committee, Amaliya learned skills that are of essence to her current job.

Aside from developing her leadership skills, Amaliya also continues to let her passion shine bright! Recently, she was involved in Yung Raja’s “The Dance Song” Music Video.

However, till this very day, it was her solo performance in a dance item that was showcased during one of RP’s Performing Arts Festivals, MUSE, that made her feel victorious.

Amaliya was the main soloist for one of the items in MUSE, choreographed by Chester, a member of Genesis Groovaz. IN COMMON aimed to portray the struggles one goes through trying to “fit in” to modern society. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: PHOTO REPUBLIC)

“Since I was young, my goal was to perform as a soloist on stage,” Amaliya exclaimed.

Achieving your dreams might be tedious, but with SGC, we can assure you that accomplishing them will be a whole lot easier! Amaliya gained fulfilment through her growth as a dancer, leader, and most importantly, a person!

SGC has indeed come a long way from when we first began! The evolution of the crew has provided our members with versatility, strength, and confidence to be the dancer that they wish to be!

Similarly, the 12th batch of SGC, Mayhem Groovaz was a group of strong, like-minded individuals who were excited to bring an element of themselves into SGC!

Yes, we are talking about the Dancehall era which began in the crew. From teaching the roots of Dancehall, to conducting open classes for our freshmen, Mayhem Groovaz paved the way for SGC to be well-versed in other genres, apart from Breaking and Hip Hop.

Our 15th Anniversary Dance Production, IDENTITY, featured a Dancehall item choreographed by Syamir, together with Athika where they featured songs by Sean Paul, whose music has been very influential in the art of Dancehall. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: PHOTO REPUBLIC)

While Dancehall has become a part of SGC’s culture, we could not be more thankful for the alumni that have allowed SGC to be where it is today!

One of whom is Syamir, who was keen to bring his other visionaries to life, given all that he has learnt in SGC!

Given his love and respect for the genre, Syamir dedicates time and effort into mastering the techniques in Dancehall, before passing them forth to the crew. He performed his solo in the second act of IDENTITY, The Stage, where he is executing the move “Gully Creeper”. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: PHOTO REPUBLIC)

Syamir’s recent “Get Like Me” concept video that he produced, alongside his batchmates, Ruzaini and Izzadely, was a vision made possible. The concept video featured many past members of SGC, including Shame!

“It was definitely a fun process I would say, really. It was little to no stress and we just understood each other's work ethics, which was what made it easier,” Syamir expressed as he was certain that he needed the right people to piece this video with.

From production planning, to backstage ethics, his time spent in SGC has been of immense help, especially when directing the “Get Like Me” concept video.

Just like Syamir, Abang Aryll, and many of our alumni, you too can allow that passion of yours to ignite! What are you waiting for? Be part of our beloved crew that has had 17 years of milestones worth celebrating!

Come join us today! Audition details will be released soon, so do keep a lookout for those on our Instagram account @stylegroovazcrew!

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