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The Making of A New Empire

After months of dedication and tireless training put towards perfecting their items, our freshmen kickstarted the year with their Emergence filming. Despite the pandemic, Style Groovaz Crew (SGC) remained optimistic and knew that Emergence 2020 was going to be different! As the goal was to bring the visionaries of our freshmen to life through a video production, we knew months of preparation had to be put into it.

And so the planning began! From deciding on the video flow to selecting songs that best reflected the essence of each item’s intent, Emergence 2020 has moved away from the stage and is hitting the heartlands of Singapore. That’s right! Our freshmen filmed at various locations across this sunny island!

Now, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Gear up as we bring you through the Emergence 2020 filming. Lights, camera, and action!

Glitz and Glam: Who does not want to look “performance-ready” for their item? Aiming to exude charisma and confidence in their performance, we have our freshmen doing their final touches to their make-up. Despite not being able to dance in the theatre, the team remained positive, and were ready to give their all!

Brains and Brawn: From RPresenting to the Fullest to the Emergence showcase, our show committee is always perseverant to bring only the best in all productions! Here, we have Creative Director Rekha taking a snapshot of this squad of freshmen. With the assistance of the Production Team, the show committee works closely on the angles and camera movements to complement the creative direction of the video.

The Togetherness of The Batches: After countless opportunities going amiss when the pandemic hit us, members of Atlas Groovaz took the floor by storm with their involvement in this year’s Emergence production! Here we have Michelle (to the left), Anthea (center), and Raphael (to the right) performing while keeping their synergy on point. We hope that the presence of the 15th batch of seniors encourages the freshmen to get through their Emergence journey together as one.

And 5, 6, 7, 8!: Counting and moving the choreography out is the recipe to perfecting every camera movement! From the timing, to the formation, and of course, the dance itself, there is precision and consistency in what the show committee aims to accomplish.

Beginning with the End in Mind: Out in the open space braving through the blazing heat, we have our Videographer Hanis from Photo Republic diligently at work. While the Production Team works on the angles of the respective items, the videographer focuses on bringing the item’s visuals to life. It is without a doubt that the collaboration between Photo Republic, and Style Groovaz Crew has been a long-running success for many of the productions that we have done over the years.

That’s a Wrap: Taking in the view, Marisa and her group enjoyed the last few moments on set before their filming came to an end. Just like the other freshmen, she felt a sense of accomplishment seeing her batch’s hard work pay off. This would be Marisa and her team’s final performance before emerging as the 16th batch of SGC!

While the Emergence experience this year was different, our freshmen “glorious-ly” rose to the occasion! Bringing about different challenges for them, they portrayed strength and determination throughout their journey as freshmen! For that, we are indeed proud seniors!

Stay tuned for the Youtube live stream of Emergence 2020, along with the thoughts shared by our soon-to-be newest batch of the crew!

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