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Where It All Began: The Reveal

As we moved into phase 2, different Interest Groups (IGs) were given the greenlight to come back to campus for physical training! After having spent all our time meeting our freshmen through Style Groovaz Crew’s (SGC) Zoom classes, we were finally able to meet each of them in person!

In view of the pandemic, our freshmen were split into two majors, namely Major A and B. Additionally, with the resumption of physical training, we have Safe Distancing Officers to ensure the “one-metre rule” is adhered to at all times! Excited to see what went down during the first session with our freshmen and Atlas seniors? Read more to find out!

Early, cheery, and ready to embark on their journey in Hip Hop Interest Group (IG)! Here, we have one of our Atlas members, Halizah meeting her group for the very first time! We were all extremely hyped for our first face-to-face interaction with our freshmen! Read on to see what we had in store for them during the session!

Presenting to you the Group Leaders (GLs) for Major B! They guide and ensure the welfare of the freshmen should they need support stepping into the culture of SGC. One crew, one love indeed!

It is all smiles until one of our freshmen reads the word out, and it is game over! Yes, our freshmen and GLs were challenged to complete the ever-known game of Charades, Heads Up! Wondering what went down? Our freshmen were challenged to link up the names that were shown on the screen to our committee members! We definitely had a good laugh!

“Everyone ready? Get down to plank position. 1,2,3… let’s go!” Physical training (PT) provides our members with the endurance and stamina needed to last throughout a dance performance. Be it a 3-minute plank, or the crowd-favourite, burpees, SGC cultivates the importance of “thinking as a batch” when doing PT! The spirit of togetherness and unity is what SGC continues to live by!

Our freshmen were drowned in curiosity as they pondered upon this year’s theme for Emergence! Our advisor, Jeremy Leow, met with our freshmen face-to face for the very first time and was beyond thrilled to share this piece of exciting news with them.

Do you believe in good, old traditions? Since batches before the current, emerging batch, our advisor would distribute cards to each freshman. From there, they would each have to write to him or herself! This tradition serves as a celebratory moment for each member, as they reflect upon their personal growth, along with the attributes that they have developed throughout their Emergence journey!

And there we have it! Our first face-to-face interaction with our freshmen definitely gave both Atlas and our freshmen themselves, the opportunity to get to know one another better! It was truly a joy to meet them, and we are stoked to see how much they have grown in time to come! For now, buckle up and stay glued to our socials as we announce this year's theme for Emergence very soon!

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